Through The Cracks e​.​p

by pedAgree strum



skumrekordz 001


released June 17, 2015

written and performed by katie phoenix dodd and rich gulag



all rights reserved


PedAgree Skum Stoke On Trent, UK

From Stoke-on-Trent pedagree skum are
Katie phoenix Dodd on vocals
dayle Denton on bass
muff on drums
rich gulag on guitar

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Track Name: D.I.Y
have you forgot how to live your life, have you forgot what is good, do you know you can change your life, do you think that you should?

you can change yourself, without anybodies help, change/do it yourself

how do you know what is plenty, why do you want what you have not got,
do you think that you deserve it, what do you think is the cost?

have you forgot what's important in life, have you forgot what is real, do you know you can change your mind, you can change how you feel...
Track Name: Piercing Junkies
feel the heat,
spreading through your skin,
the warm flows,
deep within..
split second of pain,
frees up your mind,
self harm the most artistic kind.
freedom to be unique
the feeling of the heat,
something to show,
with your skin aglow,
feeling of one of a kind,
self harm, no need to hide,

all can see,
admired feature, artistically.
release, seconds of pain,
detailed work,
part of the game.
anything to rid the pain,
stress relief,
relaxation gain.
reaction of time will tell,
when old,
the scars will swell,
healing as part of the game,
what then to rid the blame.
Track Name: Through The Light
can you see through the light, the light that darkens day
the junk and frowns that come with the night
please take me far away

don't want to run
through the night
into the darkness
i want the white light to take me away

can you stand up and fight
do you know wrong from right
do you take government shite
or do you sit and wonder

not gonna run
afraid of the fight
no longer in darkness
the light that comes for you will take me away...
Track Name: Futile Human Conditioning
We fight, kill, maim, steal
love, hate, destroy, create

No-one knows what we’re doing it for

Sleep, dream, laugh, scream
strong, weak, hide, seek

Never gonna find what we’re looking for

Complicate our lives so needlessly
Cuz people just don’t want to see
Be who you want to be
really, there’s no more mysteries

complicate our lives so needlessly
Cuz people just don’t want to see

In the end we’re all going to die !